UNCCD COP 13 “Save the Earth” Green Corps Exhibition ‘Planting for Hope, Land for Life’

Curating and Directing

–      2017.9.6 – 2017.9.17

      Curating and directing

      Location: Ordos International Convention and Exhibition Center, Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China

      Hosted by United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification

      Organised by China Youth Centre for International Exchange

      Sponsored by Sansonite, Subaru and Korea Forest Service

      Collaboration with China Guaghua foundation, CARI, Kansong art and culture foundation and Forest China

      Artists: aCYf- China Youth Center for international exchange, Guy badeaux,Yunhao bai,Sehee Sarah bark, Manfruelli batti, Clear,Francois Cointe, Agnes Denes, Jinyong Dou, ECOTV, Forest China,Future Forest, Djamel Ghanem, Jianying Gong,Buri Gude,James Harris, Mengxing Hu,Huan Huang, Kyoung Kap Min, Vladimir Kazanevsky, Yazan Khalili, Minkyu Kim,Myung-Woo Kim,Nampyo Kim,Sukhoon Kim,Yejeong Ko and Youngbo Kim, Leenam lee, Sea Hyun Lee, Wonsoo Lee, Myoung Ho Lee, Yidan Leng, Xiongyi Li, Zhongjun Li, Fu Li,Jian Liang,Damien MacDonald, Almagul Menlibayeva, Michael Munene, Nahum, Yongkil Oh,Sun-Mi Park,Se Yoon Park,Placide,Robert Rousso,SaSha Rushworth,John Sabraw,George Steinmetz, Richard Streitmatter-Tran, Serkan Taycan, Cristian Topan, Vomorin, Nanyi Wang, Aijun Wang, Hua Xu, Wei Zhang, Xinzhong Zhang, Yuanwu Zheng

Save the earth Green Corps is a global anti-desertification campaign co-led by Future Forest, All-China Youth Federation, the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), the World federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA) and UN Academic Impact (UNAI) Korea. For the UNCCD COP13 (Conference of the Parties: thirteenth Session), Stephanie Seungmin Kim curated an exhibition entitled Planting for Hope, Land for Life, which features ninety works by fifty-seven artists. The work exhibited included paintings, photographs, cartoons and caricatures, as well as seven documentary videos that portray the anti-desertification of five environmental organisations. There were six themes— Desertification/Anthropocene; Flee or Fight; Call for Action; Man and Nature; Slow Down, Get Sustainable; and Human Life and Culture…The World— to explore the ways in which contemporary art is currently addressing global ecological issues.

The exhibition showed the desertification and land degradation interpreted through the artists’ viewpoints, and played a role in raising awareness about the necessity of environmental protection internationally, beyond Korea and China.