Terra Galaxia: Aerotropolis and the Airport

Curating and Directing

As a part of Liverpool Biennial 2012: city-states

–       2012.9.15 – 11.25

–       Liverpool Biennial 2012, Liverpool, UK

–       Location: Liverpool, UK

–       Curating & Directing

–       Organising with Incheon Art platform

–       Artists: Wil Bolton, Sen Chung, Kyungah Ham, Suk Kuhn Oh, Seoung Won Won, Suk Nam Yun

–       Sponsored by: Incheon Metropolitan city, Incheon Foundation for Art & Culture, Arts Council Korea, Kumho Asiana Cultural Foundation, Korea Tourism Organisation

Iskai Art was commissioned to curate and direct the exhibition, which is part of the <2012 Liverpool Biennale>. The theme of Hospitality, which was the theme of the 2012 Biennale, had to be reflected in the themes of the exhibition and the discourse about each city was needed. The curator was inspired by the connection between Incheon, one of the largest trading hubs in Asia, which is similar to Liverpool, and ‘hospitality’. She planned an exhibition on the theme of ‘Incheon international Airport’ located in a historical port city that was the central gateway of modernization in Korea and reborn as a modern international airport. The title of the exhibition is a new term coined from ‘Terra’ meaning ‘Earth’ and ‘Galaxia’, another utopian world of the universe. It was an exhibition that explored the meaning of hospitality for unfamiliar visitors through a place called the airport, the space station on Earth, as if two opposing words were combined into one. Six Korean artists offered a unique view of these forms of hospitality and expose concealed movies in various arenas: departure, customs, journey, baggage, immigration and arrival.