Silent Movies


   2015. 10.17 – 10.29

   Location: Cavendish Square, London


   Co-curator: Alexandre Bianchini, Cedric Christie, Luca Berta, Vanya Balogh

Vera Pilpoul, Sylvie Podriguez

   Artists : Moonassi, Gunwoo Shin, Hannuk Jung, Hyeyoung Ku, 권바다, 이바정, Damien MacDonald, Petro

During the Frieze Art Fair in 2015, ‘Silent Movies’ exhibition was held at QPark in London’s Cavendish Square to showcase artworks of various artists through nonprofit exhibitions. QPark is a large underground car park near Oxford Circus Station in the heart of London, impressive with 20,000 square meters of continuous spiral black and white space. The exhibition was opened to public for three days and two nights non-stop. It featured selection of purely monochromatic works in the medium of sculpture, photography, painting, drawing and site-specific installation. Curators from seven countries (Korea, Belgium, Switzerland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica and Croatia) organized the exhibition and more than 100 artists participated. The curator Stephanie Kim also participated as the team of international guest curators and planned this meaningful exhibition together. She presented 19 monochrome artworks with 6 Korean artists and 2 British artists.