Shine a Light


–    29. 01. 2009  – 21. 03. 2009

–    Location: Korean Cultural Centre UK

–    Curating

–    Organised by Korean Cultural Centre UK

–     Artist: Choi Jeong Hwa

‘Shine a Light’ focuses our attention on seemingly worthless everyday objects, especially non-biodegradable ‘plastics’. From discarded Korean traffic police dummies to colourful plastic bags hang on trees how do we encounter the inherent possibility and beauty of discarded objects? Choi Jeong Hwa has been working with creative visual impact from throwaway plastics, banners and neon signs. ‘Shine a Light’ engenders multiple meanings. Individually insignificant objects become splendid when gathered together as the accumulated reflections of the ‘shininess’ of plastics under the blinding brightness of LED lights breaking through stereotypical notions of artistic beauty. ‘Shine a Light’  curated by Stephanie Seungmin Kim pushes us to the boundaries of the communicability and applicability of art.

Choi Jeong Hwa is both an artist, and a designer of buildings, furniture and furnishings. One of the most dynamic and well-known of Korean contemporary artists, his work has been presented at numerous biennials including Liverpool (2004), Venice (2005), and Singapore (2006), as well as at Asia House, London (2006) and Wolverhampton (2007).