Pavilion by Ron Arad

Curating and Directing

   2016. 9.1 – 2016. 9. 8

   For 1st Jikji Korea International Festival  

   Location: Cheongju Cultural Centre, Korea

   Curating and directing

   Artist: Ron Arad

   Organised by: Cheongju-si / Cheongju Jikji Korea

   Sponsored by: SONY, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Nonghyup

In order to celebrate the world’s first book printed with metal moveable type “Jikji” , an huge exhibition “Jikji, The Golden Seed” was held in Cheongju Korea. Stephanie Kim and ISKAI directed the exhibition, and Ron Arad showcased his work to form the first episode of the exhibition. Ron Arad was interested in the history of printing and the explanation and meaning of the pre-Gutenberg metal type Jikji so he decided to participate in the exhibition. Since he was commissioned to work on the part which became the cover of the event, he presented the design that many audiences could easily and comprehensively understand. Arad said “I have chosen to celebrate it by creating a pavilion that’s like a book that’s been opened and is being pushed down onto a flat surface. The thickness increases where the pages fan out, and the metal binding of the structure is derived from a traditional spine.” His Pavilion was perfectly matched with the atmosphere of the whole exhibition, and helped to attract the attention of many people around the world.