ISKAI ART with Choi Jeong Wha X YES24 X Yanolja


– 2018.12.06~

–  Location: YES24 used book store, Giheung branch

– Director: Stephanie Seungmin Kim/ Business Operations Manager: Yeonhee Do

– Client: YES24

– Directing with Yanolja

– Artist: Choi Jeong Wha

For the opening of a new YES24 second-hand bookshop located in the Lotte premium outlet in Giheung, Yanolja Design Lab and ISKAI Contemporary Art were commissioned to create an immersive experience though the Interior design and decoration of the space.

Stephanie Seungmin Kim planned an art work that would harmonise with the natural light that came through the windows with the artist Choi Jeong Hwa. His work Flower of Heaven was positioned on the ceiling above the community table and the reading space.

His work is based on the idea that ‘A book is a text, a flower of seeds and a forest’. He compared it to the everlasting flowers of heaven, rather than flowers of everyday life that disappear without trace. The flowers that can reflect the light make the book brighter and warmer and enhance the atmosphere for reading.


Photo by Jang Sungyong