Hanstyle : Experience Korean Culture

Curating & Directing

–    03.11.2007 ~ 08.11.2007

–    Location : Victoria and Albert Museum

–    Curating & Directing

–    Organised by Korean Cultural Centre UK

Experience Korean Culture day was curated by Stephanie Seungmin Kim, Korean Cultural Centre UK with the Victoria & Albert Museum’s Christina Shannon and Beth McKillop to celebrate its collection and heritage from Korea.

There were events throughout the day with delegates from Korea.At the Raphael Court, the five members of the National Orchestra of Korea accompanied by a solo dancer from the National Dance Company of Korea were performed. The music pieces, renowned internationally as a soundtrack for Sopyonje, are among the prepared music. Another song will vividly illustrate a tranquil sunrise in the snow-covered landscape.  

Beth McKillop gave a Curator’s talk around the Korean Collection and special lecture on Hanbok was at the Lecture Theatre by a renowned scholar Professor Hwang Eusook.