Crystallize: New Media Art Lab UK & Korea

Curating and Directing

        11.4.2013 – 11.6.2013

      with Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo

      Location: Old Billingsgate, London, UK

      Curating & Directing

      Artists : Nan June Paik, Jeremy Bailey, JE Baak, Gina Czarnecki, GLTI.CH, David Ogle, Ayoung Kim, Sang Un Jeon, Kira Kim, Suhee Kim, Terry Ryu Kim, Leenam Lee, Dave Lynch, Sam Meech, Paul Sullivan, Semiconductor,

   Partnership with: FACT Liverpool

The exhibition Crystallize was a part of Korea Brand and Entertainment Expo 2013, celebrating Korea’s technology and creative culture. This exhibition showed how British and Korean artists approach science, IT, technology, social media and cinema through contemporary art.

At the heart of exhibition planning was pioneering and collaborative spirit which brought sixteen UK and Korean artists together in a celebration of technology and creative culture.

The curator, Stephanie Seungmin Kim, feels that artists have a significant roles to play in any aspirational world by revealing the unseen, and wanted to be able to show these insights in this exhibition.

Despite the different backgrounds of the sixteen artists, each artist learned from and collaborated with others in exhibiting independent and innovative work.

At the opening of the exhibition, many representatives from the arts and cultural industries were present, such as from the art and cultural industry participated such as the Korea Trade Center (KOTRA), the BBC journalist Dan Damon, Professor Mike Stubbs, the director of the FACT arts organisation in Liverpool, and the Media Art and the Art Council England.