Crossfields: Young Korean Artists in London

Curating and Directing

–    30. 07. 2009 ~ 16. 09. 2009

–    Location : Korean Cultural Centre UK

–    Curating and Directing

–    Exhibiting Artists: BAAK Je, CHOI Anna, HONG Jung-Ouk, HUR Shan, KANG Eemyun, KIM Dong Yoon, KIM Gemini, KU Hyeyoung, KWON Soon-Hak, PARK Changhwan, RYU Dai-Hyun, SHIN Gunwoo, SHIN Kiwoun, SHIN Any Hye-jung, YOON Jungu

–    Participating Designers: CHOI Eudon, CHOI Jinwoo, KO Kate Yun Ju, LEE Chung Chung, KIM Jae Hwan, PARK Hwan Sung, HEO Hwan, LEE Hyun Shick

–    With PARK Kwan-joo (Architecture major), LEE Gwen (Illustrator), LEE Junho (Fashion Photography)

Crossfields brings together a broad range of artists from across the art and design fields: each having studied in Korea before coming to Europe to continue their work.  This multidisciplinary exhibition is curated by Stephanie Seungmin Kim, and also features ‘an exhibition within an exhibition’ showing the highly innovative work of eight professional fashion designers.

The fashion designers chose some very specific outlines from Korean history: each choosing a very different theme. CHOI Eudon was inspired by the Korean Giseng, the traditional professional entertainers of noble/professional men; HEO Hwan’s ‘Women who dived into the water’ explores female sacrifice in Korean history; PARK Hwan Sung is inspired by the memory of an animated television hero from his youth; CHOI Jinwoo works with the fabrics/off cuts traditionally used as table cloths or to store goods; LEE Hyun Shick was inspired by the humiliating costumes and punishments traditionally inflicted on children who wet the bed; KO Kate Yun Ju reinterprets the restrictive fashion rules of Korea and blends them with a traditional palette of colours; LEE Chung Chung’s is inspired by traditional suits of armour and KIM Jae Hwan was inspired by the fashion of 1970’s London with the traditional hats of the Joseon Dynasty.  

The show also invited many participants to contribute: Illustrator Gwen LEE makes caricature of artists’ faces whilst photographers and graphic designers will also be presenting their work. The invited fashion designers worked with metaphysical subjects from Korean history and used this to inspire their collections which feature abstract patterns, shapes and silhouettes. The show is curated by Stephanie Seungmin Kim and offers the audience the opportunity to see the best the current Korean art scene in London has to offer.



Fashion Show

Thursday 30 July 7pm

The Show will feature the work of the eight Korean Fashion Designers: each having produced a new collection inspired by Korean History for the Crossfields Exhibition.

Performance by Ku Hye-young

Thursday 30 July 7.30pm