Baekya with Moritz Waldemeyer

Curating and Directing

   2011. 5.12 – 2012. 1.3

   Location: Times Square’s main Atrium

   Curating and directing

    Client: Yeongdeungpo Times Square, Seoul, Korea

    Artist: MoritzWaldemeyer

   Main coverage: Magazine HEREN interview, Chosen Daily News 2011.12.9

In order to celebrate the 2nd birthday of the Yeongdeungpo Times Square which is one of the biggest shopping malls in Asia, a public art exhibition was held at the main atrium. ISKAI was commissioned to create an immersive experience through the exhibition and planned interactive installation art with a designer Moritz Waldemeyer. His work was a 1-tonne one-off installation shaped dazzling snowflake, which was a combination of media art and cutting-edge technology. When customers send a text with their mobile phone, the messages of the customers are sent to their loved ones through the artwork. The exhibition Beakya was able to bring memories and inspiration to the customers visiting the Times Square and received a lot of attention from many Korean media.