A Soldier’s Tale: 60 years of Memories, 130 years of Friendship

Curating and Directing

   2013. 7.8 – 7.20

   Location: Asia House, London, UK

   Curating & Directing

   Artists : Wil Bolton, Jeong Hwa Choi, Shan Hur, Tae Eun Kim, Woody Sungwoo Kim, Yongho Kim, Soon-hak Kwon, Leenam Lee, Yongbaek Lee, Locco, Anna Paik, Seungah Paik, Jiho Won, Suk Nam Yun, Boowon Park, Chul Shin

   Sponsored by : Korean Culture and Information Service, Gyeonggi Tourism organisation, Incheon Foundation for Art & Culture, Incheon art platform, Kumho Asiana Cultural Foundation, Korea Tourism Organisation, Asia House, Samsung, Auditorium, Curzonpr

   Main Coverage : BBC World News 2013.7.10 , Chosen Daily News 2013.7.10

This exhibition honoured those British men and women who came to Korea’s aid and remembered those who came back to tell their story. Although the British dispatched the second largest number of 56,700 soldiers to the Korean War after the US, the Korean War was forgotten in Britain. However, when those British soldiers said goodbye to Korea 60 years ago they left a free country; this hard earnt freedom has never been forgotten by the Korean people, nor will it be. Korea have nurtured democracy, have rebuilt our country and developed our economy. This was possible because there were 6.25 veterans who had given their youths to the battlefield of “Korea”, a country they had never heard of. Nothing that can be said in words will ever fully express the gratitude that we hold to the veterans of the Korean War and so instead Stephanie Kim would simply like to reaffirm our promise never to forget. The curator, along with 14 Korean artists, tried to show appreciation for their sacrifice through exhibitions rather than a grand ideology. The opening of this exhibition was attended by 30 British veterans, and attracted attention from major local and Korean media including the BBC.